Training daily

A typical Jedi training session should look like this:

20 push-ups, thirty sit ups

15 pull ups and chin ups (a tree branch or rings work well for a bar)

15-20 minutes of meditation and force connection

15 minutes of lightsaber trainig

5-10 minutes of stunt practice (only for more experienced Jedi knights

All in all, your training should take about an hour to an hour and a half.


Lightsaber/Staff combat

Since actual laser beam powered sabers don’t actually exist yet, a solution must be found. Luckily, wooden staffs work very well for the art of lightsaber combat. Your staff should be about 3-4 inches shorter than you.

Attack 1: Hold your staff above your head and cut down quickly

Parry 1: Hold your staff sideways in front of your face and push away

Attack 2: Sweep the saber above and around your head and come back down

Parry 2: Hold vertical to the side of your head

Attack 3: Sweep from the side aiming for the opponent’s chest

Parry 3: Follow Parry two, take a step and push away

Attack 5: Cut down from the side

Parry 5: Sweep down in a half circle to meet the opposing blade

Attack 6: Reverse the sides

Parry 6: Repeat after attacker switches sides

Note: All sword masters train with their lightsabers constantly. Start slow and then start to speed up. A warning, improvising can be dangerous. Only do it when you are certain the attacker is not wary of it.


Jedi are, no question- survivalists. You will need the proper equipment to survive in the if stranded, lost or on journeys.  One of My padawan, Kitster Royae’s, trials was to survive in the frozen wilderness of Hoth for 20 days.

Every Jedi should carry:

1. Flashlight

2. Binoculars or Telescope

3. Pocketknife

4. Food rations such as trail mix, fruits, cheese, nuts, crackers and bread

5. Cloak or Poncho

6. Screwdriver

7. Underwater breather or Snorkel

8. Heavy-duty leather gloves

Jedi Title

Many Jedi have their own title that they go by. As a Padawan you may choose to do so if you wish, though you are not required. Below are some names to choose from:

Thorn (Female)

Jax (Male)           Jikaousa

Zett (Male          Katzan

Juno (Female     Erthyen

Xan-Clad (Male) Tanza

Echo (Female)   Vixour

Xenna (Female) Henquasa

Nex-Klan (Male) Zinn

Tenzin (Male Or Female) Zatza

Connecting with the Force

All Jedi feel connections to the Force: The mysterious energy that flows through all living things and binds the galaxy with peace. The Force we use in this world is not used for hovering objects or controlling things with your mind. It’s for feeling the power of everything around you. It will eventually make you very strong and powerful. For this exercise you will need a very quiet, very peaceful spot.

1. Sit cross legged at the base of a tree trunk. Close your eyes.

2. Slowly breath in and out three times. Pay attention to every sound, every movement. Be aware of everything around you. Feel its energy.

3. Open your eyes and touch the trunk of the tree. You should feel the energy of the Force coursing through it.

It may take some practice, but patience is the key. Don’t worry. You will feel it eventually.