Lightsaber/Staff combat

Since actual laser beam powered sabers don’t actually exist yet, a solution must be found. Luckily, wooden staffs work very well for the art of lightsaber combat. Your staff should be about 3-4 inches shorter than you.

Attack 1: Hold your staff above your head and cut down quickly

Parry 1: Hold your staff sideways in front of your face and push away

Attack 2: Sweep the saber above and around your head and come back down

Parry 2: Hold vertical to the side of your head

Attack 3: Sweep from the side aiming for the opponent’s chest

Parry 3: Follow Parry two, take a step and push away

Attack 5: Cut down from the side

Parry 5: Sweep down in a half circle to meet the opposing blade

Attack 6: Reverse the sides

Parry 6: Repeat after attacker switches sides

Note: All sword masters train with their lightsabers constantly. Start slow and then start to speed up. A warning, improvising can be dangerous. Only do it when you are certain the attacker is not wary of it.


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